The European Writing Centers Association [EWCA] was founded in Spring 1998 in an effort by Dr. Anna Challenger and Dr. Tracy Santa to integrate universities in Europe into a framework for exchanging ideas and establishing an infrastructure for Writing Center goals and objectives.

As the EWCA was the first Regional Affiliate to be added outside of US borders, its formation and recognition contributed to the US-based National Writing Centers Association [NWCA] changing its name to IWCA and expanding its focus to foster writing center work across the globe. Hence, the EWCA’s mission is to solicit engagement with institutions or individuals interested in the interactive and collaborative work of Writing Centers everywhere.

To that end, the EWCA Circular has been created as a kind of gathering spot for those interested in writing center work and writing development in the European context. Our News & Events page features information about upcoming symposiums, conferences, calls for papers, etc. are posted and archived. The News & Events page is also a great place to report on events after the fact. The Celebrations! page celebrates promotions, birthdays, and awards and such, anything that members would like to celebrate. Our Recent Research page does what it says on the tin: it lists scholarly publications that further our conversation on writing. The Innovative Practices page displays innovative practices that have proven to be effective in promoting learning about writing or about ourselves as writers. Finally, the Touring Neighborhoods page invites readers/viewers into a Writing Centre’s context (immediate space—extended spaces, cultures, values, etc.) This page is a great place for Writing Centre teams to tell us about their Writing Center’s home.

It is our hope that EWCA members and those from other associations interested in Writing Centre work will read and contribute to our EWCA Circular.

Contributions can be made by contacting Lawrence Cleary lawrence.cleary@ul.ie, Vasiliki Kourbani vkourbani@hau.gr, or Elif Demirel elif6171@gmail.com. They will work with you to develop your ideas and to shine the best light on your contribution. Please, contribute and help us to make this a great place to talk about writing.

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